Confirm arrival at Medical

These Terms and Conditions set forth the general rules and conditions for using the Application to confirm appointments available at, operated by LUX MED Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw, at Postępu 21C street, 02-676 Warsaw, entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000265353, Tax ID No (NIP): 5272523080, Statistical ID No (REGON): 140723603, share capital: PLN 542,728,500.00 (“LUX MED”).


  1. Site — the Application sub-page by means of which the Patient, after logging in, can access the Service provided through the Application.
  2. LUX MED — LUX MED Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw.
  3. Patient — a natural person who uses or intends to use the Service provided through the Application.
  4. Facility — generally accessible LUX MED facilities operating under the brands of: LUX MED, Medycyna Rodzinna.
  5. Application — the website operated by LUX MED, available at, through which the Patient can use the Service provided there.
  6. Service — the service provided electronically by LUX MED through the Application, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, which consists in providing the Patient with the possibility to confirm a previously arranged appointment without visiting the reception desk in the Facility.
  7. Terms and Conditions — these terms and conditions available at


  1. In order to use the Service, the Patient logs at into the Application via the Site using their login (mobile phone number) and access password (Personal ID No). For proper authentication the data must already be stored in the LUX MED Sp. z o.o. computer system.
  2. Each time before starting to use the Application, the Patient is required to: read and accept these Terms and Conditions and select the relevant checkbox.
  3. In order to log in to the Application, the Patient is each time required to enter the login and the access password.
  4. LUX MED ensures secure login to the Application only with the use of IT tools available at No links sent via email or apps not authorised by LUX MED shall be used to log in to the Application. LUX MED advises against using such tools to access the Application as they may constitute a phishing attempt to extort the access password to the Application and as a result provide access to the Patient’s medical data to unauthorised persons.


  1. Accessing the Service requires logging in to the Application.
  2. LUX MED provides the Service via the Application.
  3. LUX MED Sp. z o.o. reserves its right to select the types of appointments available to be confirmed using the Service.
  4. LUX MED Sp. z o.o. reserves its right to select the Facilities where appointments shall be available to be confirmed using the Service.
  5. Confirming appointments with the use of the Service shall not include:
    1. Appointments for which the Patient it required to pay an upfront fee (in whole or in part) at the Facility reception desk;
    2. Appointments requiring a physician’s referral or an occupational medicine referral issued by the employer on paper;
    3. Appointments for minor patients (which require a parent, legal or actual guardian to be present, depending on the circumstances);
    4. Appointments arranged through insurance companies or on behalf of insurance companies (assistance);
    5. Appointments not arranged for a specific time, but only with indication of a time slot (additional appointments);
    6. Appointments arranged at LUX MED subcontractors’ facilities (i.e. appointments arranged outside the network of LUX MED’s own facilities);
  6. The Service may be used at the earliest 15 minutes before the start of the appointment being confirmed, but no later than at the time of its commencement.
  7. The Patient shall only be entitled to confirm an appointment if at the time of using the Service they are present at the Facility where the appointment being confirmed is to take place.
  8. Appointments may only be confirmed via the Service by Patients with active entitlement to make appointments at that Facility.
  9. The appointment may only be confirmed via the Service if the person with whom the Patient has arranged the appointment is present.
  10. The Patient is required to present an identity card or other proof of identity with a photograph to verify and confirm the identity of the Patient during the visit. LUX MED shall be entitled to refuse to provide services to a Patient who fails to present the required proof of identity.
  11. Should there be no possibility to confirm an appointment via the Service, the Patient shall immediately report to the reception desk at the Facility, where the appointment takes place, to confirm and attend the arranged appointment.
  12. Using the Application requires a device with access to the Internet, featuring a web browser (recommended: Mozilla Firefox at least 24.0 ver., Opera 10 or above, Google Chrome 28.0 or above, or MS Internet Explorer 8.0 or above) which supports cookies and JavaScript. Using other Internet browsers is acceptable provided they are fully compatible with the aforementioned versions.
  13. For security reasons regarding the use of the Application, it is recommended for the device used by the Patient to feature in particular: an antivirus system with the latest version of virus definitions and updates; an effective firewall; all available operating system and Internet browser security updates installed; cookies and JavaScript support enabled in the browser; software for reading PDF files.


  1. Data controller of users’ personal data is LUX MED sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw (02-676), Postępu street 21C. The controller processes phone number and PESEL number for the purpose to identify user and to provide user with a service to confirm his/her presence i medical facility. Full and detailed information about personal data processing, in particular contact to Data Protecton Officer and instruction about individual rights are available in our Privacy Policy.


  1. Complaints regarding the Service provided via the Application may be submitted:
    1. by post to the address: LUX MED Sp. z o.o. Complaints Handling Department; Postępu 21c street; 02-676 Warsaw;
    2. or by e-mail to:;
  2. Complaints regarding the functionality of the Application shall be processed within 5 business days, while complaints regarding other issues shall be processed within 15 business days from the submission date.


  1. With respect to the Service provided by electronic means via the Application, these Terms and Conditions shall be the terms and conditions referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services By Electronic Means.
  2. The agreement for the provision of services by electronic means through the Application is entered into between LUX MED and the Patient when the Patient logs in to the Application.
  3. The agreement referred to in section 2 above shall cover one-time provision of the Service to the Patient and shall be terminated as soon as the Service has been used or the Patient has logged out of the Application. The situation set forth in section 4 of “Access to the Application” shall also be deemed as the Patient logging out of the Application.


  1. The Patient is required to use the Application in a manner consistent with the regulations and laws applicable in the Republic of Poland as well as these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, the Patient shall not submit content prohibited by generally applicable provisions of law.
  2. Clients may access the Terms and Conditions free of charge at any time by following the link.
  3. The exclusive rights to the content made available in the Application, in particular copyright in photographs, trademarks of LUX MED, get-up constituting a part thereof, software and rights in databases are subject to legal protection and vested in LUX MED or entities with whom LUX MED has entered into relevant agreements. Copying or any other forms of using any elements of the Application without prior consent by LUX MED is prohibited.